The EC Standard Rifle is an semi-automatic/automatic rifle, and is the most common weapon for infantry units. They are also weapons who function with energy cell magazines.

These rifles are powered by Energy Cells. In normal mode, they provide a steady stream of plasma reaching 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, and can travel up to 10 miles away, perfect for the space combat it is constantly used for. In mode two, the rifle outlet expands, forming a cooler, but more wide area blast. This mode doesn't reach as far as the normal mode, but it is still noticeably superior to normal sniper rifles in combat range.


The rifle weighs five pounds without the EC magazines. It is seven with a fully charged energy cell. The rifle glow around certain areas after being fired as it cools down. The rifle is made for tearing down aircraft as well as obliterating ground forces.

Mode 1

This is the standard mode, aka, the laser mode. This depletes the EC magazine in ten seconds if the trigger is held, but the heat from the plasma can reach the equivalent heat of the surface of the sun. The gun remains accurate for up to five miles.

Mode 2

Mode to is also known as flamethrower style. The rifle outlet expands horizontally, allowing the plasma to expand in an area effect, covering a distance of 75 feet with a 40 degree angle range.

Mode 3

Mode three is the bazooka mode. The gun alters its inside mechanics so that it blasts out all of the Energy Cell storage in one blast, making a doom sphere that annihilates almost everything. A test with a retired Pterosaur jet proved that it only takes five shots to take that mammoth down.


The rifle is incredibly powerful, but relies only on plasma for power. Fighting metahumans with this weapon poses a risk of the weapon being useless against extreme fire opponents.

The heat is incredible. If spammed, the gun could overheat and melt, messing up its functions and making it a pile of junk.

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