Extremely fast, extremely deadly. That's how these planes got their name. Scorpions are the low class levels of the Aero/Cosmo Division, but by far the most abundant. They make up 40% of all the air/spacecraft that TECH has.

Speed and Acceleration

The jets are known for their immense speed. The scorpions are powered by tachyon technology, which in turn helps them achieve relativistic speeds, with the average speed being 10% the speed of light. In space, the speed increases numerously due to the lack of air resistance, allowing one to reach 80% the speed of light. Reaching this high a speed is usually only for travel, but could be used as a cat-and-mouse combat chase.


The planes are relatively low in durability, but can easily take a beating from conventional weapons. Atomic level structuring of atoms have revealed that even normal conventional penetration rounds cannot get through the jet without sufficient effort. When moving at speeds below Mach 1, the plane can activate a low form of a matter barrier.


Plasma laser cannon- a rapid fire cannon that shoots pulses of plasma, reaching equivalent temperatures of lightning. It may incinerate enemies on the field, but TECH knows some enemies may be metahumans, resistant to the heat. A scorpion's prime objective is to melt/annihilate enemy machinery.

Heat seeking missiles- When heating up the enemy machinery, the missiles end it, containing a combination of potassium, cesium, francium, and water to be able to destroy the average house with one missile. Scorpions can carry 40 at max.

Special Features

The engines of the plane can rotate, allowing it to land on helipads.

There is enough space in the back to unload 20 TECH militia onto the field.

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