The end of TECH. Completely. No turning back. This Protocol is activated on the account of TL Overflow.

All forces are required to evacuate from any area related to TECH. It is mandatory. All personnel should ditch anything related to TECH. This is not mandatory, but highly recommended. One will only have an hour to leave, which is much more than enough time. Then, the President itself opens up a button that he/she holds, and opens the lid. By placing his/her hand on the button, the fingerprint is scanned as the President says the voice activation code: TECH has malfunctioned. At this, the button releases its lock, and allows itself to be pressed.

Once pressed, TECH will fall. All TECH related structure blow sky high to remove all evidence. TECH Headquarters activates their strongest WCD, which is in the very center of the asteroid, virtually erasing all traces of TECH from existence.

While one may at first think this may harm civilians, in the event that TMP is initiated, TECH has already failed in protecting its citizens and has them relocated as best as they could to protect them, followed by all TECH militia going all out to only merely slow down the threat. Everyone fears that one day this may happen, but TECH has grown to be very powerful over the course of just a few year, and now TECH has got its hands on new technology. TMP is highly unlikely to happen any time soon.

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