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TECH Militia are not there to abuse their power. Nine times out of ten, they are helping the wounded after a natural disaster, war, etc. There are some situations in which they must respond with true militia forces. A-O are the level of threats, P and Q are special threats.

Threat Level A

This may be something as simple as a low level civilian riot. No casualties should have to happen in response to this. The goal is to use submissive weapons to subdue the enemy, and have them to be charged for their crimes.

Threat Level B

This level is achieved when there is a i of a TECH member. There, the goal is to subdue the target, but not to intentionally harm or kill them. They will be charged to the fullest extent of the law.

Threat Level C

The threat is reached upon the intentionally harming of multiple TECH members. The threat is to be hunted down, but not killed. The captured target my be harshly interrogated if deemed so (i.e. threatening a WMD). If combat is initiated by the target, TECH militia have the right to defend themselves at all costs, even if it means killing the target(s).

Threat Level D

The threat intentionally murdered a group of at least 20 TECH members, there is a grace number as low as 12-30 depending on how the members were killed. The target will be halted, and brutally taken down for interrogation, or killed. Their chance of survival depends on if the target is worth investigating.

Threat Level E

A number of 30-100 members were harmed/killed. The response is similar to Threat Level D, but on a more extreme scale. Everything above Threat Level E is considered too dangerous to let live (exceptions may be capture leaders, lieutenants, etc), and will be killed on sights.

Threat Level F

Over 100 deliberate casualties of TECH members. TECH considers the attackers as a group force, and will declare war on the group. The group will easily be overrun with no difficulty. The goal is to charge the leaders to the fullest extent of the law.

Threat Level G/Minuscule

An actual army attacks TECH. However, the attacking army proves to be of little problems to TECH group due to being an unorganized, small, and inexperienced force, and can be overrun easily with very little TECH casualties. Since this proves to be an army, all threat levels listed will have a difficulty rank associated with them. This one is known as TL Minuscule. Some TECH members nicknamed this level TL Nuisance.

Threat Level H/Minute

This army is barely a problem for TECH. The threat may organized in terms of military force, but either the size of the group or the inexperience of the group. No major battle equipment is needed to deal with them, but more deaths are likely to occur if not taken seriously. Very little, if any, vehicles are needed to take care of the group.

Threat Level I/Minor

The enemy packs a decent punch, but not enough to make a dent to TECH. They are the first level of Threat Levels where over over 90% of militia members say that they truly take it seriously, according to a survey. Vehicles may be necessary to take care of the group.

Threat Level J/Moderate

A formidable opponent stands before TECH. Vehicles are a even more of a necessity, and some special forces troops may be put in as well. TECH group begins using the Covert Division to get into enemy territories and report weaknesses. The casualty rates for TECH members may go up to 20%. Anyone reaching this level will not be tolerated, and will be attacked until two things happen:

  • The enemy surrenders, and will disband the army they hold.
  • The threat level becomes TL Minuscule or lower

Threat Level K/Caution

At threat level K, the force is a definite threat, as they rival TECH in terms of power. Surveys from TECH Militia say that 100% of all members take this matter seriously. Vehicles go from a necessity to a mandatory item. Forces from all divisions will be if if they can be used. Special forces are deployed on the battlefield, and the Covert Division is allowed to break their limits.

Threat Level L/Major

At threat level L, the hostile force is a very serious threat that would need to be dealt with seriously. The enemy has a noticeably greater population or superior technology to TECH, and engage TECH in war. Moderate or Heavy Casualties on TECH Militia troops are expected in this level. The enemy has advance technology or enough of a population to rival TECH in terms of power. All divisions are allowed to break their division limits, but are still limited by the overall limits.

  • The Jkirk Federations (theoretically, and non-canon in the current rp)

Threat Level M/Extreme

The enemy has used a nuclear warhead in battle. The TAST (Total Annihilation Special Troops) Force will be used to defend TECH from more nukes, created nuke resistant matter barriers, and to launch clean nukes of our own. An enemy going as far as to use nukes on us will be automatically considered an M, and will continue to stay as that throughout the war until the enemy surrenders.

Threat Level N/Critical

The enemy is powerful enough to destroy much greater grounds than nukes, possibly planning on world damage/destruction, or the destruction of TECH HQ. Enemies of this level are capable of cosmic level war. WCDs are allowed in battle, and is a necessity to be used if it can. This most likely applies to either a galactic level army and or a cosmic level giant.

Threat Level O/Overflow

Counterattacking is a second to last resort. Anyone reaching this level is far too powerful to attack, and defeating them is nearly impossible on all scales. This is the level of surrendering, or making peace with the enemy. If the enemy continues to strike, ALL limits are broken, and TMP may initiate as a last resort.

Threat Level P/Piss off faggot

Get that god-modding bullcrap out my face. Obviously, this is a joke Threat Level, but it could be reached.

Threat Level Q/Questionable

TECH knows of one's existence, but has no true clue as to the power they hold. When battling these enemies, TECH treats them as if their threat level is TL Minor.

  • Empyrdom (non-canon)